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Drop off the computer at our easy to access office with free parking (please call before visiting).
Onsite support can be given depending on the problem.
Verbal quote can often be given (usually from £50 + vat depending on the  problem ) this includes a basic health check,  but a fixed quote can be given once diagnostics are completed.
Diagnostics fee is charged if solution offered is declined.

Health Checks

Fixed fee health checks can be carried out for enhanced performance, this usually fixes minor irritating glitches and can helps extend the life of a pc.

How Healthy is your PC? 

Many households now have at least one PC that is used on a daily basis. We use them to hold vital business, financial and educational information and rely on them to keep working correctly.

We service our cars regularly to make sure they are running smoothly and are not going to break down but we are not always so careful with our computer equipment. You may have concerns that your PC is not quite as healthy as it could be!

Prevention is much better than cure and preventing a crash is often much cheaper and far less disruptive than the alternative!

PC Health Check Service

IT Systems & Solutions offers a cost-effective PC Health Check Service for home users that includes;

• Physical clean of the machine inside and out to remove dust build up

• Performance optimisation

• Check for and removal of any viruses and malware *

• Quick and easy drop-off and collection service with free parking

* Removal of certain viruses would involve additional work that would not be covered by the PC Health Check Service. In this event we would advise you of the likely cost of removing the virus before any further work was carried out.

Advantages of regular health checks

Regular maintenance of your PC can help;

• Prolong the life of your machine

• Maximise responsiveness and operating speed

• Reduce potential system failure and downtime

• Maintain the security of your PC

How much does it cost? 

Our PC Health Check is competitively priced, starting at £55.00 + VAT per PC. Please call us today to book your PC Heath Check or to find out more about this service.

(NB. Price excludes additional parts & labour where required)

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