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Security is one of the most important aspects of I.T. and often overlooked until it is too late. Network security is vital, not just because your business relies on it to function but legislation requires you to protect your data and staff.

Our internally developed security audit can identify weaknesses and often simple measures can reduce many risks. We developed this service to help smaller businesses as often larger more complicated versions can be “overkill” in terms of solutions and costs. Once we have carried out a security audit we can implement measures using our skills coupled with industry leading software and hardware devices to help ensure your people, network and data are safe.

You take business security seriously
As a business owner you will have a variety of procedures and policies in place to protect your staff and your business from life’s surprises. You will have identified potential problems and put in place procedures to minimise risk, rather than waiting for a problem to occur.  This may involve the installation of a security alarm, state of the art door and window locks and a comprehensive insurance policy.

What about your IT systems?
Do you have the same level of security in place for them? IT security is something many business’s only consider after they have had a problem. This can be a very costly mistake, both in terms of lost production due to system downtime and the high cost of restoring vital equipment and data.

Worried about IT security issues?
Do you suspect that your IT systems are not as secure as they need to be? You may be unsure where to start, what to check and how to resolve any problems. After all it’s not your area of expertise.  It’s tempting to concentrate on your core business and just keep your fingers crossed!

We have the solution
IT Systems & Solutions Ltd offer a cost-effective IT Security Audit Service for businesses like yours. This is a simple but useful way to assess your current level of IT security and identify actions to improve and enhance the security of your IT systems.

In simple terms, we will tell you where you are now, where you need to be and how to get there. We have the knowledge, experience and technical ability to be able to put your mind at rest.

Does your business need an IT Security Audit?
You may be unsure if you need our service. Here are a few questions that might help you to decide…

  • Do you have written restrictions on who has access to network devices and shared data?
  • Are there audit trails to record when, where and who accesses your data? If so are they regularly reviewed?
  • Do you have robust anti-virus software installed that updates automatically?
  • Do you have a firewall in place?
  • Have all unnecessary applications been removed or disabled for each system?
  • Is your current software relevant to your business and has it been updated with the latest patches?
  • What is your data back-up method? Who has access to it? Is it up-to-date? Is your back-up taken off site and is it encrypted?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Has it ever been tested? Is it documented? Is everyone aware of it?
  • Do you use bespoke software? Has it been tested for security flaws?
  • Who makes IT security decisions and how are they documented & reviewed?
  • Are your company passwords sufficiently complex?
  • Do you have security settings for operating systems and are these set at accepted industry standards?

If you are not sure about the answers to some or all of these questions your company would definitely benefit from an IT Security Audit.

Our service will help you to focus in on what needs to be improved, documented, upgraded and installed, leaving you with a robust and resilient IT system, suitable for the 21st Century.

Preparation for your IT Security Audit
The  audit will  focus on the twelve areas shown below. Before our visit you may like to consider the security you already have in place for each area and gather together any relevant documentation. We will send you a pre-audit guide to assist you in this process

The IT Security Audit Process
For a standard sized business this usually lasts between 1-2 hours and will involve one of our technicians and at least one member of your staff.  Our technician will need access to your systems but this should not lead to any downtime.

The IT Security Audit Report
We will provide you with your IT Security Audit Report approx. 10 days after the completion of the audit process. This will contain a summary of your current security arrangements followed by a series of recommendations for improvement.

We will list the actions needed to implement each recommendation, along with a no-obligation quote for our trained technicians to complete the task.

Cost of the IT Security Audit
Less than you think! The cost will depend on the size of your business and the complexity of your IT systems so contact us today for an individual quote.

Policies Internet
Physical Security Email
Company Network and Data External Devices
Passwords Backup Devices
Remote Access Mobile Phones
Encryption Telephony

Your Guarantee
Our technicians are trained to industry recognised standards and undergo continued professional development to enable them to provide the highest level of service.

The technician that carries out your audit will usually be the same technician that implements any modifications you request, giving you continuity of service with someone who has an understanding of your business.

We will never recommend any unnecessary work or unnecessary equipment purchases.  

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