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Programmable telephone systems utilising the latest Voice Over IP technology (VOIP) offer you features and facilities that used to be associated with very expensive systems.

Such systems offer multi lines, multi extensions, call forwarding, conferencing, music on hold and many other facilities. Additionally remote extensions make working from home so much easier and no one need know you are away from the main office!

Our phone systems offer a full range of features including; 

• Music on Hold
• Call Forwarding on Busy
• Call Forwarding on No Reply
• Call Pick Up Groups
• Hunt Group Working
• Voice Mail facility for Unanswered Calls
• Remote Access to your Voice Mail inbox
• Voice Mail Messages Emailed To Your Mobile Device
• Auto Attendant
• Call Recording
• Call Logging
• Full Voice over IP (VoIP)

Phones connect to the system via a standard cat5 data outlet and because the phones have a built in second port a PC/laptop can be connected to the phone. This  means that it is not necessary to install lots of additional cat5 outlets although some may be needed.

A large range of phones with many different features such as video conferencing and door entry systems are available.

Full Voice over IP (VoIP) allows remote workers to have phones that route free calls to and from the office utilising broadband. Additionally “SIP” trunks can be utilised which allow calls to be made and received via a broadband connection, costing approx. 1p a minute to UK landlines.

Because the system and phones are PC and network based the majority of configuration and support can be done via remote access.

If you don’t have a phone system in place or if your current system is old and outdated call us for a free quote today. If you would like a demonstration we would be happy to arrange a visit to our offices where you can see the system in action.

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